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Jose, in your eyes all the stars shine.
On this night, love is nothing but right. In the dark now, all my
tears fall to snow and glitter, in your light they show.
Pain turning to vale, i'm screaming , calling your name.
Once, will you hold my hand?
And I'll know love'll never end.

Ah Jose...Yes I have met him. He looks so good, you just don't know what you're missing. He really has the eyes of an Angel sent from God.

When I met him, being in the same room with the Angel of colors was beyond a cheap thrill. I was paralyzed in love for the entire hour he was there.

Ania, A friend of mine wen to his last exhibition in Carmel. She met him, even spent time with him. Here is what she has to say:" I thought I'd share with you the fact that Jose Da Silveira is a genuine sweetheart in person. I met him in Carmel. I actually got to hug him....a true thrill! He was so polite and courteous to all of his fans! I was a big fan before that, now after seeing how wonderful he truly is, I'm a forever fan! Thanks Jose for the great memories! Your paintings touched my soul

Jose Da Silveira was born in a tiny jungle village in Mozambique to a Portuguese bullfighter, and the daughter of one of the leaders of the French Resistance. He was delivered by an African Shaman. Jose spent the first years of his life shuttling between Africa and France, then Portugal and France, ultimately settling with his mother in Marseilles after his parents divorced.

His unique style and choice of color very quickly evolved earning him a devoted following, as well as opportunities to study with some of the great masters of our time. He began showing his work professionally at age 16. As his style matured and evolved, art critics and connoisseurs donned it "Formism," and a new school of art was born. Almost 20 years later Formist painting continues to inspire a new generation of artist, and Jose only in his thirties, continues to surpass the standards he himself developed.

Jose is married to a former model Marina. He has two children Paul and Chloe.

Da Silveira had his first show of the 2001 season in Denver at Gallery One in Cherry Creek. In addition he could be heard on a radio interview "The LAURA FLANDERS SHOW". As usual he was great

Is it true? Da Silveira could be starring in a movie about a famous painter set to be filmed later this year. Any info welcome.

November 10, 2001 - "FACES OF WOMAN" Phillips Gallery of Fine Arts, Sixth Ave. btwn Dolores & Lincoln, Carmel, CA (831) 626-1126. Da Silveira closed out the year with a spectacular tribute to his favorite subject: the woman. A friend of mine attended, she said it was spectacular.


HOW COULD WE NOT...Jose's passion for the female form is an inspiration for his painting. He knows our most sacred to our most lonely moments. We love you Jose because as it has been said, you are the only painter alive who can open a window into a woman's soul

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What could I add? I love Jose Da Silveira more than life itself!! He's so handsome and talented!!(It's hard to find a man like that!) He's so well loved and well known.

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